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Automobile Cathodic Electrophoresis Coating Line

Automotive cathodic electrophoresis coating line is an advanced coating process, which is widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing to improve the quality and appearance of automobiles. This article will introduce the composition, process and advantages of automotive cathodic electrophoresis coating line in detail to help readers better understand this technology.


    Automotive cathodic electrophoresis coating line usually consists of several parts, including pretreatment equipment, electrophoresis equipment, washing equipment, drying equipment, coating curing equipment and post-treatment equipment. These equipment work in concert to evenly coat the paint on the surface of the automobile and form a solid protective layer.

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    Cathodic electrophoresis coating process

    1. Pre-treatment of car body

    Before the car enters the electrophoresis tank, it needs to be pretreated for the body, including rust removal and paint removal. This is usually done by sand blasting machine and polishing machine.

    2. Electrophoresis

    The car is put into the electrophoresis tank and the paint is evenly coated on the surface of the body through the electrophoresis process. In this process, the car body is connected to the positive pole of the power supply and the paint is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. Through electrophoresis, the pigment particles in the paint are deposited on the surface of the car body to form a uniform coating.

    3. Washing and drying

    After electrophoresis is completed, the body needs to be washed and dried to remove excess paint and impurities. These steps are usually accomplished using high pressure water guns and drying equipment.

    4. Coating Curing

    Coating curing is one of the key steps in the coating process, which uses heat to make the pigment particles in the coating adhere more stably to the surface of the body. Infrared curing ovens are usually used for this step.

    5. Post-treatment

    Post-treatment includes inspection, painting, quality inspection and other steps to ensure that the body surface meets the quality requirements.


    1. High quality coating

    The automobile CED coating line provided by OURS COATING can provide high-quality coating, which makes the automobile have good appearance and anti-corrosion performance. The pigment particles in the coating are very evenly distributed over the entire surface of the car body, which provides excellent anti-corrosion performance and durability.

    2. Environmental friendliness

    The automobile CED coating line provided by OURS COATING uses water-based coatings, which are environmentally friendly and free of organic solvents and toxic substances. In addition, the washing and drying process is also more environmentally friendly, reducing emission and wastewater discharge.

    3. High production efficiency

    The automobile CED coating line provided by OURS COATING adopts automated production process, which can greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the equipment in the production line usually has a high degree of accuracy and stability, which can ensure the stability and consistency of the coating quality.

    4. Cost saving

    The automobile CED coating line provided by OURS COATING can reduce production costs, including material costs, labor costs and energy costs. In addition, a high-quality coating can extend the service life of the automobile, thus reducing repair and maintenance costs.

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