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Cathode Electrophoretic Painting Line

Cathode electrophoretic painting line is advanced surface treatment process equipment, which is mainly used in the fields of automobile, industrial machinery, electronic equipment and so on.

OURS COATING Cathode electrophoretic painting line can help to improve the quality and productivity, reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of your business.


    Electrophoretic coating line is a kind of continuous production line for surface coating, which is mainly used in automobile, home appliances, electronics, metal products and other industries. Through electrophoretic coating, a layer of uniform, corrosion-resistant paint film can be formed on the surface of workpiece to improve the quality and durability of the product. Electrophoretic coating line has the advantages of high efficiency, good coating quality and wide application range.


    1. Power supply: power supply is an important part of electrophoretic coating line, which provides high voltage required for electrophoresis and controls the uniformity and stability of electrophoresis process at the same time.

    2. Paint tank: Paint tank is the place for holding paint in the electrophoretic coating line, which includes anode tank and cathode tank. The anode tank is equipped with anode sheet for contacting with workpiece, and the cathode tank is equipped with paint and circulation pump to maintain the stability and fluidity of the paint.

    3. Suspension mechanism: The suspension mechanism is responsible for introducing and suspending the workpieces from one end of the production line to the coating line and removing the workpieces from the other end. It consists of a suspension device, a guide device and a drive device.

    4. Driving device: the driving device is responsible for controlling the running speed of the electrophoretic coating line to ensure the coating quality of the workpieces. It includes motor, reducer and other equipment.

    5. Spraying device: water spraying device is used for cleaning and dispersing the surface of workpiece to prevent paint accumulation and blockage.

    6. Powder spraying device: In some applications, the powder spraying device is used to spray powder coating on the surface of the workpiece after electrophoresis to form a better anti-corrosion effect.

    7. Drying device: the drying device is used to dry the coated workpiece to form a paint film with a certain hardness and gloss.

    8. Monitoring device: the monitoring device is used to monitor and control the parameters in the coating process in real time to ensure that the coating quality meets the requirements.

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    Working Principle

    Electrophoretic coating is an electrochemical process, by applying direct current, the paint particles (usually anions) are deposited on the surface of the workpiece to form a uniform paint film. The specific process is as follows:

    1. The workpiece is fixed in the electrophoresis tank by the fixture and connected to the negative electrode (cathode), forming a continuous cathode pool.

    2. The paint particles come into contact with the workpiece in the electric field and move towards the workpiece under the action of negative charge.

    3. Under the action of the electric field, the paint particles are adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece and undergo a chemical reaction to form a uniform paint film.

    4. The curing process of the paint film is accomplished by means of heating or ultraviolet irradiation, etc.

    5. The workpiece after painting is taken out and put into the drying unit for drying.


    1. High anti-corrosion performance: cathodic electrophoresis coating has excellent anti-corrosion performance and can provide long-term anti-corrosion protection.

    2. High efficiency: cathodic electrophoresis coating line adopts automated assembly line operation with high production efficiency, which can significantly increase production capacity.

    3. High-quality coating: Since the coating process is closed, the coating is uniform and free of impurities, providing high-quality coating results.

    4. Environmental protection: cathodic electrophoresis coating process has no organic solvent emission, which is good for environmental protection.

    5. Easy to maintain: the coating line equipment is reasonably designed, easy to maintain and repair, prolonging the service life of the equipment.

    6. Flexible: the coating line equipment can be adjusted according to the needs of different products to realize customized production.

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