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Monocyclone explosion-proof powder coating booth

It always consists of automatic powder coating booth with reciprocating machine, automatic powder coating gun, powder recycling system, powder supply center system, natural gas/ electricity/ diesel/ LPG fired oven, conveyor unit and control panel. Spraying can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. Spray material is 100% solid powder, the powder can be recycled and the recycling rate up to 98%. It is equipped with overhead conveyor system, with high degree of automation.


Whether you need to renovate the old powder coating line, or need to buy a new one, even consult any technical problems, just contact us, we will provide you with one-stop solution.

    Powder coating part


    Equipment name

    Main performance and parameters


    Powder coating chamber

    Made of sandwich double-layer PP engineering plastic;

    Negative pressure centralized air extraction at the bottom, 304 mirror stainless steel at the bottom, so that the dust concentration in the powder room is lower, and the wind speed in the spraying area is even and soft;

    Containing 1 hand repair spraying platform station, made of 304 mirror steel, safe and reliable;

    Each side is equipped with 3 fixed gun slots, sealed with polyurethane soft rubber;

    8 lighting lamps, full dust-proof treatment;


    Mono cyclone

    New cyclone separator;

    Special slant inlet design;

    Made of 3mm steel plate;

    Inner and outer coating;

    Equipped with a rotating support device for the recycling powder collection hopper and automatic clamping by cylinder;

    Equipped with 1 set of high power recovery powder pump;



    Handling air volume 12,000 N m³/h;

    Adopt Japan Toray polyester fiber material filter element, special structure and coating design, stable use;

    Configuration of blowback cleaning device;

    Configuration of 1 set of high-power recovery pump assembly;

    Noise below 80 dB;




    Powder supply center

    1 set of powder supply center (improved type);

    Improved powder pump frame anti-jamming design, maintenance-free;

    Exclusive powder pump frame positioning hold design, accurate positioning, never run out of position or shift when using;

    Powder supply center recycling integrated with powder room and pipeline, comfortable operation;

    Simple structure, easy and quick cleaning and maintenance;

    Configuration of 100 mesh high-power vibrating screen;

    Powder suction pipe, powder pump, powder pipe and inside of the gun can be automatically cleaned, regular maintenance is convenient;

    Equipped with 2 pp board powder barrels with attached fluidizing plate for supplying new powder and recycling powder;

    Integrated electrical control;




    Main control cabinet and touch screen

    Siemens touch screen;

    Siemens PLC;.

    Schneider electrical components;

    Sealed electrical cabinet to eliminate powder ingress;

    Integrated control system;

    One-stop design for operation

    Product Display

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    booth (9)9xx
    booth (10)qbf

    Explosion-proof part


    Powder coating booth flame detection and spray system

    Flame detector

    Temperature sensor

    Spraying system

    Water pressure sensor


    Explosion-proof device



    Explosion vent



    Dust collector internal temperature monitoring and spraying system

    Temperature sensor

    Spraying system

    Water pressure sensor


    Air locking and ash discharging device


    The price of electrostatic powder coating booth is based on the workpiece size, the workshop size, the degree of automation, the required output, and other related data to design the proposal and make the specific offer!

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