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Automotive Painting Technology


Painting is the final modification of the surface of an object, and the quality of painting has a direct impact on the value of the object. The quality of automobile painting has a direct impact on the value of automobile manufacturing, and reducing painting hazards, lowering painting costs, and improving the quality of painting have always been the development theme of painting technology.


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Three elements of automobile painting

Coating materials, coating technology (including coating methods, coating process, coating equipment and coating environment), coating management, they complement each other and promote the progress and development of coating process and technology.


Characteristics of automobile coating

• Automotivecoating is a protective coating, the resulting coating must be adapted to the conditions of use of the car, requires a certain degree of corrosion resistance and service life.

• Automobilecoating is generally multi-layer coating, relying on a single layer of coating can not achieve excellent decorative and protective. Such as car body coating is composed of metal substrate, phosphating film, primer, putty mid-coat, topcoat, varnish, the total thickness of the coating reaches more than 80μm.


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Commonly Used Coatings for Automobile Painting

• Classified according to the coating on the car from bottom to top: primer (mostly electrophoretic paint); mid-coat (intermediate paint); base-color paint (including color primer and metal flash primer).

• Classified according to the coating method: electrophoretic paint (water-based paint); liquid spray paint; special coatings, such as PVC sealing coatings, PVC undercoat glue (anti-stoning coatings).

• Classified according to the parts used in automobiles: coatings for automobile bodies; weld sealant coatings.


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Selection of automobile paint

• In line with the requirements of the national standard, excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, applicable to a variety of environmental and climatic conditions, after the wind, sun, rain, light and color retention is good, no cracking, peeling, chalking, blistering, rust phenomenon.

• Excellent mechanical strength.

• Color appearance should meet the standard.

• Economical price, low pollution, low toxicity.