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Requirements when the coating equipment is working


Coating equipment is now more widely used a kind of spraying equipment, in order to enable the equipment to maintain good operation and operating conditions, routine maintenance work is very important.

Requirements when the coating equipment is working1.png

1. Products and sundries should not be piled up on the pedestrian channel around the coating equipment, and the width of the channel should not be less than 1m.

2. Protective netting shall be laid underneath the suspension line of the coating line to avoid falling objects and injuring personnel.

3. Remaining paints and waste paints from coating equipment should be segregated and stockpiled in a dedicated paint warehouse.

4. Painting equipment should try to avoid the use of toxic or irritating coatings or paints, coatings or paints should be placed in a separate room away from fire sources, it is necessary to have firefighting equipment.

Requirements when the coating equipment is working2.png

5. Painting workshop should try to avoid through-the-room wind, add to eliminate through-the-room wind equipment, such as active fire doors, fire and smoke baffles, water curtains and so on.

6. The flyover should be installed with protective railings and stairs, and non-slip flooring is necessary on the plant floor and flyover access.

7. Operators need to be familiar with the operating procedures of the painting equipment.