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Stroage racking system spray powder line

Whether you're looking for a china powder coating line or other turn-key automated metal surface finishing line, OURS COATING, the line manufacturer company, will help you to make the right choice. Then you can get the good types of powder coating equipment at a reasonable price.

Before making a decision about the powder coating systems project, please contact us. Our experienced team will help you to find suitable powder coating system design, which will well fit your finishing needs.


    We called the process of solid powder attach in the surface as powder coating. The working theory is use electricity make powder attach the surface. The process is: the powder was put into spray gun through pressure air, in the beginning of spray gun, there is high pressure static electricity maker, they release electricity to the powder. The powder affect by electricity then stick onto the product with opposite electricity. When the powder increased to a certain amount, the static electricity also accumulate to a certain amount which will repel the powder, all this process make the product have a required thickness of powder. Then under the help of high temperature, the powder melt and solidifying, which make a staff film in the product surface.

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    The general working process of
     metal surface treatment

    1. Acid washing to clean dust & rust and oil then phosphating

    2. Powder coating with good quality powder

    3. High temperature solidify

    4. Cooling

    Equipment constitute of
    powder coating line

    Pre-treatment System
    Spraying pre-treatment, dip tank immersion; shot blasting, sandblasting, etc.

    Drying Oven
    Dry the water after pre-treatment (Heating energy can be natural gas, LPG, electricity, coal, diesel, etc.)

    Powder Coating Booth
    Material: Steel, PP, PVC
    1. The filter recovery powder coating booth(the filters can be quickly disassembled and changed, improves the work efficiency and will be your good choice.)
    2. Mono-cyclone automatic fast color change powder coating booth (Recovery rate is up to 99%, ensure no powder spillover, color change within 10-20 min)

    Curing Oven
    Cure the powder after powder spraying.
    Tunnel curing oven; bridge type curing oven (Heating energy can be natural gas, LPG, electricity, coal, diesel, etc.)

    Conveyor System
    C-Shaped closed rail and die-forged open type, stable operation, high efficiency, large bearing capacity, etc.

    The advantage of
    powder coating is below

    1. It’s anti corrosion and suitable for different environment, which also increase the life of racking & shelving system.

    2. The powder coating with different color looks very beautiful, also increase the mechanical strength of pallet racking & shelving

    3. The powder is good for grinding and prevent product from extend temperature.

    4. The surface will be smooth and looks beautiful

    Powder coating is very important for the quality of various racking & shelving system. As this have direct relation to the life time of product.

    Contact us to customize a powder coating line if you are a racking system manufacturer!

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