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Automatic Electric Motor Painting Line

OURS COATING is the expert in designing and manufacturing liquid painting lines. Our spray booths can provide the ideal paint application conditions with balanced air flow to minimize overspray. Motor paint spraying line is mainly composed of water curtain cabinet, oven, conveyor, painting device, etc. It is an assembly line designed professionally for spraying the surface of various motors.

    Equipment Description

    Motor painting line is simple to operate, easy to use, stable and reliable performance, and the paint treatment is very environmentally friendly, the conveyor speed can be adjusted, so that the sprayed products automatically into the oven box drying, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce labor, is the ideal choice for the majority of motor manufacturers industry.

    Customization: Yes.

    Overall dimensions: non-standard, according to customer's size.

    Minimum hanging distance: 150mm.

    Hanging point bearing capacity: 30KG-600KG.

    Product features: with the advantages of smooth operation, high efficiency, large bearing capacity, low failure rate in continuous operation.

    Product Display


    Equipment Composition

    Water curtain type paint booth, leveling room, drying oven, strong cooling device, conveyor equipment, loading and unloading elevator, PLC control device, etc.

    With automated spraying, you can ......

    1. Increased productivity: Automatic paint spraying equipment greatly increases productivity by working at consistently high speeds and with consistent quality without breaks, reducing scrap and rework due to operator error.

    2. Saving paint and resources: Thanks to its precise controls, automatic paint spraying equipment minimizes paint waste, reduces costs and lowers environmental impact.

    3. Improved coating quality: Automated equipment provides consistent coating results, reduces uneven paint consistency and dripping problems, and ensures a high quality coating.

    4. Safety: Protecting employees in hazardous situations and repetitive tasks also improves the safety of the work environment by reducing workers' exposure to hazardous chemicals.

    5. Data logging and monitoring: Automated equipment can record paint data for each product, helping to track quality issues and continuously improve the production process.

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