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Cathodic ED coating line system for automotive industry

E-coating or electrophoresis coating line is advanced coating solutions for hardware industry. No dead angle and guaranteed coating layer thickness. Ours Coating e-coating line is mainly applied for automotive industry for car parts coating treatment such as steel wheel, bumper, battery case etc. Different technologies will be utilized for different products and color requirements. Our advanced cleaning system can make full use of e-coating paints and reduce tank pollution as much as possible.

E-coating line includes water tanks, spray nozzle, ultra-filter machine, electric supply and temperature management. Furthermore, our e-coating line can be easily integrated with powder coating technologies by hanging conveyor system.

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    The workpieces sprayed by the automatic powder coating line has high corrosion and abrasion resistance sprayed coating. Unique spraying process, automatic precision spray gun, through the background digital control operation, spraying uniformity, the coating is not too thin and not too thick, that is, to ensure the appearance of beautiful and make the spraying workpiece in the use of the appearance of not easy to wear.

    Standard process flow: Loading → Pretreatment (process is according to workpiece) → Water drying → Powder spraying → Powder curing → Cooling → Unloading.

    Automatic powder coating line adopts powder coating booth with high powder recovery rate, which not only reduces powder loss and improves energy efficiency, but also makes powder recycling and reuse, no pollution emission, environmental protection and energy saving.

    The automatic coating process of automatic powder coating line, compared with manual operation, it is easier to control the utilization rate of powder materials; that is, spraying uniformity and can reduce the unnecessary loss of powder.

    Question for designing a line

    If you want to build the powder coating line, we need to know following information:

    1.Workpiece name and photo.

    2. Workpiece material.

    3.Workpiece size and weight.

    4. Required daily output (how many hours/shift, how many shifts/day).

    5.Heating energy: Electricity, natural gas, diesel, LPG or others.

    6.Workshop size (L×W×H).

    If any other special requirements, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you quickly.

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