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Ecoat Electrophoresis line KTL CED painting line

The so-called electrophoretic coating line is a coating technology in which a coating material is immersed in a water-soluble coating as an anode (anodic electrophoresis) and a corresponding cathode is installed. A direct current is applied between the two electrodes, and the physical and chemical effects produced by the current are utilized to apply the coating uniformly on the coating material.

Electrophoresis is divided into anodic electrophoresis and cathodic electrophoresis. In cathodic electrophoresis, the coated material is the cathode, and the impregnation method and principle are the same. Both processes have their own advantages, and the appropriate process is generally selected according to the characteristics of the product.


    Electrophoretic painting line is a coating method that utilizes an electric field to disperse the paint uniformly in an aqueous solution and then deposits it on the surface of the coated object. Electrophoresis coating line can be categorized into cathodic electrophoresis and anodic electrophoresis, and different electrophoresis methods are selected according to the material and performance of the coated object.

    OURS COATING can provide customers with perfectly matched design, reliable equipment and safe, complete and efficient electrophoretic coating production system. Electrophoretic coating line can be categorized into cathodic electrophoresis and anodic electrophoresis. Now cathodic electrophoresis is the trend.

    Electrophoretic painting is also known as E-coating, Electrophoresis, Electro-deposition coating, ED coating, E-coat, Electro-coating, KTL, EDP, CED, etc.

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    Advantages of ED coating compared to paint spraying

    Relatively low pollution and emissions

    Higher efficiency than spraying during the coating process

    Higher use efficiency of coatings

    Relatively good adhesion

    Relatively good resistance to salt spray

    For ED coating line


    Metal surface finishing, always as primer

    Heating source

    Electricity, natural gas, LPG, diesel…


    High efficiency (greater than 90%)


    Energy saving (over 30%)



    In filtration systems, primary filtration is generally used, and the filter is a mesh bag structure. The electrophoretic coating is transported to the filter through a vertical pump for filtration.

    It is ideal to control the number of cycles of the tank solution between 6-8 times per hour, which not only ensures the quality of the paint film but also ensures the stable operation of the tank solution.

    Ideally, the cycle of the bath should be 6-8 times per hour, which not only ensures the quality of the paint film, but also guarantees the stable operation of the bath.

    The water yield of the ultrafiltration membrane tends to decrease as the operating time increases. They should be cleaned after 30-40 days of continuous operation to ensure that the ultrafiltration water is available for ultrafiltration soaking and rinsing.

    The update cycle of electrophoresis tank solution should be within 3 months.

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