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Electrophoretic coating wastewater treatment equipment

Coating pretreatment process includes degreasing and oil removal, rust removal, phosphating and so on. A large number of pollutants will be generated during the production of coating process, and if directly discharged, it will be extremely harmful to the water body.


According to different water quality components, OURS COATING can provide detailed program description of the treatment volume, effluent standards, equipment materials, dimensions and electrical control.


    Cathodic electro-coating, also known as cathodic dip coating or cataphoretic painting, is a high-quality, economical coating for all submersible parts of metal. A subsequent top coat with powder paint, water-based paint and conventional painting systems is possible without any problems.

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    For automotive industry, high grade coating spray is crucial for business success. Other than single coating technology for common products, there are many solutions can be used together to improve quality. E-coating is recognized the best and most popular choice by automotive manufacturer.

    Full process of e-coating line includes pre-treatment, electrophoresis. Each stage is seamlessly connected by automatic conveyor and could be customized by requirements. Because of dipping technologies used for this system, any size products can be loaded with no problem thus its ideal choice for mass production.

    Mostly, e-coating line solution is used for big size and heavy parts such as frame structure of truck body, thus the operation is completely automatic by mechanic control.

    E-coating, it’s usually combined with powder coating or liquid painting. Products after this treatment get high grade capacity for anti-rust and anti-scratch. Such features are very important for automotive parts to deal with different environments.

    E-coating line mostly includes:
    Electrophoresis tank
    Pre-treatment tank
    Spray tank, electrophoresis power supply
    Reverse osmosis pure water unit
    Drying oven and more…

    Advantages of CED coating line

    ● Electrophoresis is one of the effective methods for coating metal workpieces. As a new type of low-pollution, energy-saving, resource-saving, protective and anti-corrosive coating, electrophoretic coating is characterized by flat film, good water and chemical resistance.

    ● Electrophoretic coating line is a special coating method in which the coated material with conductivity is immersed in the electrophoretic coating tank filled with water diluted with low concentration as anode (or cathode), and another cathode (or anode) corresponding to it is set up in the tank, and the uniform and fine coating film which is not dissolved by water is deposited on the surface of the coated material after direct current is circulated between the two poles for a period of time.

    ● Electrophoretic coating has high penetration rate, completely dissolves or emulsifies in water, and the viscosity of the prepared tank liquid is very low, so it is easy to penetrate into the pocket structure part and crevice of the coated object, which is especially suitable for the surface coating of shaped conductive materials.

    ● The utilization rate of electrophoretic coating line paint is high, up to more than 95% or even 100%. Due to the low solid content and low viscosity of the tank liquid, the coated material brings out less paint, especially the application of ultra-filtration technology, the implementation of the closed cycle of the coating process, and the paint recovery rate is high.

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