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Heavy duty overhead hanging chain conveyor line

Hanging conveyor can freely choose the conveying line, can effectively utilize the space, save manpower, improve the work efficiency, mainly by the chain, rail, spreader, bracket, drive seat and adjust the seat and other components. It adopts frequency conversion speed control system. It is widely used in long-distance transportation of workpiece, floor lifting, air storage, feeding and other processes as well as automatic coating production line.


    GWJ3500 P/F overhead conveyor is a new type of overhead conveyor, it has two tracks and can be used to transport and store larger or heavier in higher automation, more kinds of materials and complex process.

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    Technical parameters

    Conveyor Model: GWJ 3500

    Nominal pitch (inches): 4

    Ultimate tensile load (KN): 218

    Single carrier load (Kg): 3500

    Length limit of chain (m): 600

    Power track: 10# I-steel

    Power Chain Model: X-458

    Actual Pitch (mm): l02.4

    Allowable tension (KN): 15

    Running speed (M/Min): ≤15

    Least turning radius (mm): 2000

    Free tracks: 12# I-steel

    System constitutes

    Drive device
    The drive device is power source of the conveyor system and set up to the return section of empty line. The device formed by drive f1ame, dedicated motor reducer, drive chain, drive sprockets and overload protection devices etc. And using the combinations of big pitch engagement and stand pitch chain, it not only enhanced precision of engagement, strength of gear tooth root, but also reduces the drag in the pulse rate and chain speed pu1sation and raises the life for use and the stability of operation.

    Tension device
    Tension device has two kinds, counter weighted tension and air-operated tension. Counter tension device is characterized by a widely automatic compensation for tension loads.

    The tack of the P/F overhead conveyor is double tacks the upper power tack made by 10# I-steel, the lower free track are double 12 # I-steels. As a result of using the I-steel free track that the carrying capacity and stiffness of the track is increased.

    Track switch
    The track switch has basic switch and checking switch, the basic switch is divided into separating switch and joining switch. Separating switch makes one line to two lines, and joining switch makes two lines in one line. According to the direct of the chain running, the switches can be divided into straight passing switch and side passing switch.

    The chain of the P/F overhead conveyor components by X-458 forging rivet less chains, trolleys and wide push dog.

    On the carrier, the load wheels were set up in middle, and both sides of the carrier setting up the balance wheels and guiding wheel, its frictional resistance is smaller in turning, and the passing performance is better. The multiple carriers of the P/F overhead conveyor used to be formed by a front carrier, a rear carrier and a link bar. The multiple carries have auto-accumulation and self-release function. The front carrier has a rotated retractable dog and a rotated hold back dog and the hold back bar can reset by itself. The new design of the P/F conveyor is making the jaw and retractable dog to form a entirety and a roller is equipped on the end of it, its action is more flexible and the structure is more simple and can realize accumulating with less friction. The rear carrier has a wedge-shaped tail-plate for the retractable dog of front carrier climbing on and lifted it to realize the multiple carries accumulating in close formation.

    Lubrication device
    An automatic lubrication device should be used for reducing the running resistance reducing parts wear and enhance the service life of conveyor, it is recommended to use our WR-100 multi-channel automatic lubrication device.

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