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Iron structure powder coating line system

The price of electrostatic powder coating line is based on the workpiece max. size and weight, the workshop size, the automation degree and the daily/ monthly/ yearly output or other related data to design the proposal and make a specific offer!

Whether you need to renovate the old powder coating line, or need to buy a new one, even consult any technical problems, just contact OURS COATING, we will provide you with one-stop solution.


    Since2006, OURS COATING focuses on manufacture & development of Metal Surface Finishing Equipment.

    We can offer you innovative and rational turnkey solutions.

    Design - Production - Installation - After-sales service

    What we do?


    Coating line

    Automatic/Manual/Semi powder coating line; Automatic/Manual/Semi paint spraying line; Electrophoretic painting line; Electrostatic powder coating/painting line etc.

    Coating booth

    Powder coating booth with Mono cyclone ; Powder coating booth with filter recycling system; Car spray booth; Dry type paint booth; Water curtain paint booth, Sand blasting booth; Shot blasting booth, etc.

    Conveyor system

    Chain conveyor, Belt conveyor, Plate conveyor, Overhead conveyor and Power and free conveyor are all available according to the clients’ requirements.

    Coating oven

    Drying oven and curing oven with various heating energy, like gas, electricity, diesel etc.

    Coating machine

    OURS series electrostatic powder coating gun; Airless paint sprayer, etc.

    Our service:

    Free design

    Free drawing designed by our engineer according to the actual requirements of clients.

    High quality and competitive price

    We promise to provide high quality equipment with best price.

    Materials used and key parts brand can be listed in the quotation sheet.

    Customized equipment

    Customized equipment completely based on the drawing.

    Overseas installation and commissioning

    Can provide on-site installation and commissioning , but the buyer needs to pay the travel cost, salary and provide accommodation


    Normally one year after acceptance.

    Product Display

    Iron structure powder coating line system (3)idk
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    Iron structure powder coating line system (6)1s3
    Iron structure powder coating line system (7)row

    Technical features of OURS COATING line

    Reduce powder consumption, save powder: the use of high-efficiency separation of mono cyclone, recovery efficiency of more than 98%. Compared with similar equipment, it saves powder consumption greatly, and the design of the whole powder room and the arrangement of the spray gun are all conducive to improving the powder rate;
    Considering the frequent change of color, we mainly consider the convenience of cleaning in the design; the use of two-stage recycling system of the big cyclone, which is currently recognized as one of the fastest recycling system for color change; the small powder collection hopper under the big cyclone is sliding and panning type, which is convenient for cleaning; the conical hopper under the big cyclone is in a higher position, which is convenient for cleaning personnel to clean up under the big cyclone;
    Beautiful appearance, strong and durable: spray booth shape to absorb the advantages of a number of powder spraying manufacturers, beautiful, sturdy, generous momentum, sheet metal parts are all processed using CNC equipment, fine workmanship.

    Information we need to know for customize a line

    If you want to customize powder coating line, please tell us the following specifications:
    1. The max size and weight of your workpiece
    2. The production capacity required every day (8hours)
    3. If need change colors, how many colors a day
    4. The heating energy you prefer: electric, gas, diesel or others
    5. The size of your workshop (length, width and height)
    6. Your local industrial and living voltage

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