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Typical errors in floor plan layout of coating equipment


The design of the coating layout of the coating equipment is critical to the application of the coating line. If the design is not appropriate, the entire production line is not good, even if each individual piece of equipment to do a good job.

Now the common typical errors are listed below for reference.


1. Output does not meet the design guidelines: Some designs do not take into account the suspension method, suspension distance, uphill, downhill and horizontal turn interference, production time does not take into account the product scrap rate, equipment utilization and peak capacity. As a result, the output fails to meet the design guidelines.


2. Insufficient process time: Some designs are designed to reduce costs by reducing process time. Common ones are:insufficient pretreatment transition period, resulting in liquid crosstalk; curing without considering the heating time, resulting in poor curing; insufficient paint leveling time, resulting in insufficient paint film leveling; insufficient cooling after curing, and overheating of the workpiece when spraying paint (or the next workpiece).

3. Improperly designed conveying equipment: There are many ways to convey the workpiece, improper design will have adverse consequences on production capacity, process operation, loading and unloading. Suspension chain conveyor is common, its load capacity and traction capacity need to be calculated and interference with the drawing. The speed of the chain also needs to be matched to the equipment. Painting equipment also requires chain stability and synchronization.


4. Improper selection of coating equipment: Due to different product requirements, equipment selection is also different, a variety of equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the design can not be explained to the user, after manufacturing found very unsatisfactory. For example, powder spraying baking channel using air curtain insulation, cleanliness requirements of the workpiece is not equipped with purification equipment. This kind of error is the most common error in painting line.

5. Improper selection of process parameters of painting equipment: The current painting line is common in the case of improper selection of process parameters. First, select the lower limit of the design parameters of a single piece of equipment; secondly, the matching of the equipment system is not enough attention; thirdly, the design is not completely shot.


6. Lack of supporting equipment: Painting line related equipment is a lot, sometimes in order to reduce the offer will omit some equipment. Also failed to explain to the user, triggering tug of war. Commonly used pretreatment heating equipment, spraying equipment, gas source equipment, exhaust piping equipment, environmental protection equipment.

7. Failure to consider the energy-saving nature of the equipment: The current energy prices are changing rapidly, but in the design did not take into account these issues, resulting in higher production costs, some users have to be remodeled in a short period of time and purchase equipment.