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OURS4533 Airless paint sprayer painting equipment

High-pressure airless spraying, also known as airless spraying, refers to the use of high-pressure plunger pumps, directly pressurized paint, forming a high pressure paint, sprayed out of the muzzle of the gun to form an atomized airflow acting on the surface of the object (walls or wood surfaces) of a kind of spraying method.

Compared to airborne spraying, the paint surface is uniform and free of particles. The paint is dry and clean because it is isolated from the air. Airless spraying can be used for high viscosity paints with clear edges, even for some spraying projects with boundary requirements. According to the type of machinery, it is also divided into pneumatic airless sprayers, electric airless sprayers, internal combustion airless sprayers and many other types.

    Model: OURS4533

    Airless spraying equipment generally consists of power source, high pressure pump, pressure storage filter, paint delivery high pressure hose, paint container, spray gun and other parts.

    Range of application

    OURS4533 type high-pressure airless spraying machine is suitable for spraying thick film type inorganic zinc and epoxy zinc rich coating, also suitable for various steel automatic shot blasting & painting lines, spraying inorganic zinc and epoxy zinc rich workshop maintenance primer.

    It is mainly applied to the coating of large structure such as steel structure, ship, automobile, trailer, floor, railway vehicle, container, pipeline, storage tank, bridge, water gate, etc.

    Product Display

    1 (14)gm7
    1 (40)76r
    shipping pic (4)a60
    shipping pic (13)7ar

    Main parameter


    Pressure exchanging rate

    45: 1


    Coating displacement (L/min)



    Inlet pressure (MPa)

    0.3 ~ 0.6


    Diameter of cylinder



    Air consumption (L/min)

    300~ 2500


    Weight (Kg)



    External size(mm) L*W*H


    Structure principle

    Pneumatic Hydraulic Principle Diagramlum

    Figure1 Pneumatic Hydraulic Principle Diagram

    The working part of equipment is double-acting pneumatic hydraulic pump. Reversing mechanism is special guide type pneumatic two-position and four-way slide valve. After the compressed air is entered, when the piston moves to top or bottom of cylinder, it will push up the two-position and two-way valve installed at the up and down ends of cylinder (pilot valve), control the immediate rushout of the airflow, drive the reversal of special guide type pneumatic two-position and four-way valve, so that make the piston in the cylinder do reciprocating motion. The force caused by the up and down motion of cylinder piston acts on the plunger in the paint cylinder, the area of the cylinder piston is larger than coating cylinder’s, so the paint is pressurized.


    For the convenience of transportation, handle has been disassembled from the frame, and the high pressure hose, manual airless spray gun are not connected well, so after unpacking the box, the first thing is to install. We will send you an manual to guide you after your purchase.

    Packing list

    1) OURS4533 type airless sprayer 1set

    2) Airless spray gun 1set

    3) Nozzle 1piece

    4) High pressure hose 1piece

    5) Spare parts 1set

    6) Operating manual and others 1piece

    Remark:Due to the continuous improvement and optimization of equipment, its appearance, structure, accessories and others might have some changes. Please in kind prevail.

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