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Powder coating oven with gas burner for powder coating line

When you are powder coating, you will need an oven to cure the finish.

Ours Coating powder coating ovens reach curing temperatures faster and cost less to operate. Ovens can be direct-fired or indirect-fired by electricity, diesel, LPG, propane, etc.

    A powder curing oven is a specialized oven used in the powder coating process to cure or "bake" the powder coating onto the workpiece surface. After the powder is electrostatically sprayed onto the workpiece, it is transferred to the curing oven. The curing oven heats the workpiece to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time to melt and fuse the powder particles, creating a durable and smooth coating. The powder curing oven typically has a conveyor system to transport the workpiece through the oven, and may have multiple heating zones to ensure a consistent and even cure. The oven is designed to maintain a controlled temperature and environment for the curing process. Powder curing ovens are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction, and are an essential component of the powder coating process.


    Chamber System:Rock wool sandwich panel, density 120kg/m³, 150mm thick. Outer plate is color steel; inner plate is galvanized steel, anti-flame and heat-insulation.

    Main Door:1 set of door for in and out, with auto lift lock.

    Heating System:Italy RIELLO Gas burner. The heat exchanger is made by 304 stainless steel, with 2mm thickness.

    Circulation System:One set of heat resistance centrifugal fan for air circulation.

    Cooling System:1set of cooling pump to cool the bearing of the circulating fan.

    Control System:1unit, including automatic/constant temperature, stop, emergency stop, start, oven temperature setting, constant temperature setting, hot air temperature setting, over indicator, failure indicator, normal indicator, power indicator, pre-work indicator.

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    Features of Ours Coating hot air drying oven

    1.Double over temperature protection, safe and reliable;

    2.Internal hot air circulation, drying objects uniformly heated;

    3.Fast heating time, stable and accurate temperature;

    4.Domestic and aboard first-class heat insulation, heat break, heat preservation technology, excellent sealing effect;

    5.The shell temperature of the oven is low, which has little influence on indoor ambient temperature.

    6.A variety of heating and air transport according to the product Settings;Save energy, safety and environmental protection.


    Delivery time:Within 30 working days after receiving deposit.

    Package:Standard export packing in 20GP or 40GP. We will add stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for delicate protection.

    Guarantee:The machine is guaranteed for 12 months.

    Technical support:Online technical support by phone, email, WeChat, etc. Engineer available to service machinery maintenance overseas.

    After sales services:The machine well tested before delivery. For small oven, it will be delivered as a whole, you can operate the machine immediately after receiving machine. For big one, it will delivered in parts, you need to install by yourself and we will send you installation manual and guide you to install it. Engineer service is also available.

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