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Water curtain paint spray booth

Automatic paint spraying line automatically removes dust, spraying, drying, a series of processes completed in the assembly line, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

Water curtain paint spray booth application scope: machinery, automobile parts, metal products, decorative parts, home appliances, furniture and other industries workpiece spraying.

Water curtain paint spray booth is specialized in spraying products with a kind of environmental protection products; spraying paint in the water curtain spraying room, its working environment is good and clean.

    Description of water curtain paint spray booth

    Water curtain paint spray booth consists of room body, water tank, stainless steel water curtain plate, water circulation system, air extraction and filtration system, etc. It can effectively prevent the waste paint from being discharged and polluting the environment while normally completing the spraying of workpieces. And make the water curtain layer uniform, continuous, reliable, no interruption with no splash. Vortex device, gas and water separation baffle can be assembled, disassembled and set up in such a way that can fully wash and separate the residual paint and vapor, which can achieve the purification of the environment and conveniently and effectively solve the problem of cleaning and preserving the paint residue on the board, and is especially convenient for maintenance.

    Product Display

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    Water curtain paint spray booth (4)3uf

    Water curtain paint spray booth features

    • ● Wet processing equipment, safe and easy to use, small operating costs
    • ● The water pump inlet of water curtain paint spraying room is installed with two-stage filtration system to ensure that the circulating pipeline is not blocked.
    • ● The water pump inlet is lower than the water surface of the water tank, no need to add water before starting the water pump, it can be started directly to form the water cycle.
    • ● Simple structure, small power consumption

    Simple description of painting line

    Automated paint spraying assembly line coating is an important part of the surface manufacturing process. Rust prevention, corrosion prevention, aesthetics and change the use of the material itself shortcomings is the quality of the coating is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of the product.

    Product appearance quality not only reflects the product protection, decorative performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value. The coating equipment is a crucial part of the whole coating process. The main coating equipment is divided into pre-painting surface pretreatment equipment, paint coating equipment, coating film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment, etc. and other ancillary equipment.


    • ● Pretreatment
      Such as: sand blasting machine, pickling equipment, phosphating equipment, electrophoresis, etc.
    • ● Baking paint, drying paint, conveyor
      Such as: baking paint tunnel line, baking paint box, baking paint room, drying strong cold, positive pressure dust-free room, belt-type assembly line, hanging line, ground line, multi-layer paint drying rack, etc.
    • ● Sanding
      Such as: ordinary belt sander, vertical and horizontal belt sander, primer sander, elevated sander, shaped sander, air drum sanding, thousand-leaf wheel sanding, sponge wheel sanding, disk sander, push table sander, etc.
    • ● Dust removal
      Such as: dust remover, bag vacuum cleaner, electrostatic precipitator, double-sided dust remover, belt conveyor dust remover, etc.
    • ● Paint spraying equipment
      The main equipment: paint spray gun, airless paint spray gun, electrostatic paint spraying equipment, reciprocating machine equipment, robots and so on.

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