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Choosing the right tools to enhance painting results


In the painting industry, choosing the right painting tools is an important factor to ensure the painting effect and efficiency. Here on the classification of common painting tools analysis, to help you choose the right tool, so as to enhance the painting effect.

I. Spray gun tools:

Gravity spray gun: Gravity spray gun sends the paint into the nozzle by gravity, which is suitable for fine painting and small area painting. It has the characteristics of even spraying and fine spraying, which is suitable for high-quality coating needs.

Pressure spray gun: Pressure spray gun feeds the paint into the nozzle by pressure and is suitable for coating large areas and rough surfaces. It is characterized by fast spraying speed and high paint flow and is suitable for large area coating needs.

HVLP spray gun: The HVLP spray gun (High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun) reduces spattering and waste during the spraying process through low pressure and high volume spraying, and is suitable for indoor and detailed painting needs.

Choosing the right tools to enhance painting results1.jpg

II. Brush type tools:

Paint Brush: Paint brush is one of the common painting tools, suitable for small area and detailed painting. According to the painting needs, you can choose different materials and sizes of brushes, such as bristle brush, nylon brush and so on.

Paint roller: Paint roller is suitable for painting large areas, such as walls and ceilings. It can apply paint quickly and evenly, and reduce the generation of brush marks.

III. Spray can type tools:

Paint can: Paint can is a portable spraying tool for small areas and detailed painting. It can spray paint through compressed air, easy to operate and control.

Spray can: The spray can is suitable for painting detailed parts and hard-to-paint areas. It can produce a fine spray, so that the paint evenly covers the target surface.

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