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Reasons for lusterless surface after electrophoretic coating


Electrophoretic paint is a coating method that can play a protective and anticorrosive role for the coated workpiece through the current deposition of paint. In the process of coating by electrophoretic coating equipment, sometimes it is inevitable that the surface of electrophoretic paint film will have no luster because of improper modulation of electrophoretic paint or improper operation of the process, and so on.

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The common reasons for the lusterless surface of electrophoretic coating equipment spraying products:


1. Too much pigment: in electrophoresis tank liquid, the higher the amount of pigment, the lower the gloss of paint film. The higher the value, the more the color paste is added and the lower the gloss of electrophoretic paint film.


2. Paint film is too thin: the temperature of tank liquid is too low, the voltage is too low, the conductivity of anode liquid is too low, and the conductivity of workpiece hangers is not good, etc. All of these will lead to the paint film is too thin, which will cause the phenomenon of no luster of the paint film.

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3. Excessive baking: too long baking time, too high baking temperature, the size of the pieces, thick pieces of thin pieces of baking at the same time, etc., often lead to thin pieces of the barbecue, resulting in the coating film without luster.


4. Re-dissolution: due to improper management, the electrodeposition coating film in the electrodeposition tank, or in the post-washing water re-dissolution occurs, will also lead to the coating film without luster phenomenon.


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As there are many factors affecting the lack of luster on the surface of the e-coated products, if you want to solve the phenomenon of lack of luster on the surface of electrophoretic paint, you must check the details of the coating process of the electrophoretic coating equipment and solve the problem in a targeted manner by combining the actual situation.