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Agricultural machinery parts powder coating line system

The price of electrostatic powder coating production line equipment is based on the size of the workpiece, the size of the plant, the degree of automation and the output and other related data to design the proposal and make a specific offer!

Whether you need to renovate the old powder coating line, or need to buy a new one, even consult any technical problems, just contact us, we will provide you with one-stop solution.

    Technical parameters

    We supply turnkey powder coating line including:

    1) Pre-treatment system: Automatic Spraying pre-treatment and dipping pre-treatment are available;

    2) Drying oven: Drying oven which drying the water after pre-treatment is designed according to customers' actual conditions.

    3) Powder coating spray system: Automatic spray reciprocator, manual spray equipment and Semi-auto (Auto-spraying with manual repairing spraying) are for your choice;

    4) Powder recycling system: Cyclone equipment and cartridge filters is customized and introduced according to actual requirement by customer;

    5) Curing oven: Tunnel curing oven, bridge type curing oven, Electric power heating curing oven, Gas-heating curing oven; Diesel heating curing oven, High temperature, and lower temperature curing oven is available for fitting your sole factory.

    6) Conveying system: Various designs according to different requirement by customer on the basis of customers' workpiece and output information.

    7) Control system: PLC control, with or without touch screen

    8) Spray gun and reciprocator

    Product Display

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    Brief description

    It always consists of automatic powder coating booth with reciprocator , automatic powder coating gun, powder recycling system, powder supplying system, natural gas/ electricity/diesel/LPG fired oven, conveyor unit and control panel. Spraying can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. Spray material is 100% solid powder, the powder can be recycled and the recycling rate up to 98%. It is equipped with overhead conveyor system, with high degree of automation.

    Technical features

    1.Energy saving and cost reduction: simultaneous recycling of powder, saving labor and energy consumption

    2.Spraying quality: high powder adhesion rate, provide solutions for coating dead spots, color difference, shedding, etc.

    3.Safety system: fire prevention and explosion-proof, high temperature and low temperature automatic alarm

    4.Intelligent operation: PLC intelligent control system operation, simple to get started

    5.Large cyclone recovery system: 98.9% recovery rate, clean and pollution-free working environment

    6.Powder color change time: 10-15min

    7.Temperature-controlled baking channel: up and down 5 ℃, workpiece baking effect is good

    8.Application scope: all kinds of machinery, guardrail, shelves, aluminum profiles, hardware and so on

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